Can I generate hydrogen while I am charging the device?
No,you should not turn the device on to generate hydrogen while charging.
Where is the Aivee Water device manufactured?
It is made in South Korea with the most advanced Japanese technology. These two countries are close to each other both geographically and culturally and they are the most advanced in the world in the field of hydrogen-rich water
Can the hydrogen cause an explosion?
No. Hydrogen evaporates from the surface of the water in the jug where it mixes with the air and it is not flammable at these concentrations.
Is it possible to take an overdose of hydrogen-rich water?
No. However long you hydrogenate the water, it is impossible to overload it with hydrogen. Once it becomes saturated, any excess just evaporates. What’s more, however much hydrogen saturated water you drink, you’ll never reach the recommended maximum.
Does the Aivee Water device purify water?
No, which is why you must use “water apt for human consumption” to protect the machine and your health.
Does hydrogen water taste different from normal water?
When you drink it you will notice it has a more atomized, lighter taste, so it does have a subtly different flavor.
Does it have any effects when applied to the body, skin, and scalp?
Yes. It eliminates free radicals from the skin. Hydrogen water can be applied with a cloth or directly to the skin and left to work for a few minutes.
Is it recommended for making tea and infusions?
If you heat the water without boiling it, it will keep its hydrogen and electric charge. If you drink enough hydrogen water, then you may like to think about whether it is worthwhile making tea and infusions with this water.
Is it recommended for cooking?
No, because the hydrogen evaporates while boiling and it turns back into normal water.
Can pets drink hydrogen water?
Yes. However, you must change their water at least once daily, because after six hours it starts losing the charge. In Japan they sell special packaged hydrogen water for pets.
Can babies, pregnant women, and the elderly drink hydrogen water?
Yes. The only effect of hydrogen-rich water is to help to maintain a suitable oxidation level for good health. It has no contraindications.
Can I hydrogenate the water again if it loses it charge?
Yes.  When it loses the charge it turns back into normal water and you can hydrogenate it again.
How long does it take for the water to lose its charge?
Hydrogen water maintains its antioxidant properties for up to five hours, although it can stored indefinitely in an air-tight sealed glass bottle.  
How much hydrogen water should I drink a day?
The recommended daily water intake is between one and three liters. We recommend that you drink only hydrogen water, although anything more than one glass a day will be highly beneficial for regulating your oxidation level.
Can I put hydrogen water in the refrigerator?
Yes, but you must put it in air tight glass bottles so that the container does not lose the hydrogen while it cools.
Can I hydrogenate cold water?
Yes. You can fill the bottle with cold water to hydrogenate it.
Can I hydrogenate milk, juice, or other liquids?
No. Hydrogen is only suitable for use with "water apt for human consumption with a very low mineralization".
What kind of water should I use?
You may use the water of your choice that is clean enough for drinking – distilled, mineral, filtered, reverse osmosis, or purified water of your choice.
How many times can I use the Aivee Water Device before its battery starts to drain?
You may generate hydrogen with your Aivee Water Device for up to around 10 uses before the battery starts to lose its life.  The main power button will turn red to notify you that it is now time to recharge your battery.
How do I turn the Aivee Water Device on and start generating hydrogen?
Fill the bottle with water (or attach bottle water to the gender of the base). Lightly press the power button once and a green light will turn on around the button.  Immediately after this, press the lighted button again for the blue light to turn on inside the bottle. You will notice hydrogen bubbles starting to come out from the base of the device.  They hydrogen will continue to generate for 5 minutes and will automatically turn off after this process. You will hear three beeping sounds to notify you that your hydrogen water is now ready to drink.  
How long should I charge the Aivee Water Device?
Charge for 4 to 5 hours in order for the unit to be fully charged.