When I turn my device on to generate hydrogen, it seems like there are hardly any bubbles during this process? Is my Aivee Water Device damaged?
This happens when the membrane of the base has been dry for a long period of time.  So it’s possible when you first try to use your Aivee Water device it will appear like no bubbles are being produced. To resolve this, fill the bottle with water and let it soak for 1 hour.  Try turning the device on again to generate hydrogen and if the bubbles still seam sparse, you follow the cleaning instructions.  Add a cap-full of citric acid into your device filled with water, shake well, and then let it sit for another 30 minutes. Pour out the water and rinse out the citric acid solution.  Refill with clean drinking water and start generating hydrogen again.
My bottle is leaking. Does that mean there is something wrong with my Aivee Water Device?
Your bottle is attached to the base from the bottom so if it is not shut properly, leaking may happen.  To close the bottle properly, start twisting the base and the bottle together with logos on the bottle and power button of the base on the same side. Twist for 1 revolution until the “+” after the “H” is aligned with the center line of the power button.  If these instructions are followed, we can guarantee that leaking will not be a problem.
How do I clean my Aivee Water device?
  • Cleaning the Bottle & Cover attachment – Detach the bottle and cover from the base and wash with a mild dishwashing detergent.  Frequency: Every day or as desired
  • Cleaning the Base – The base is the electrical unit with the hydrogen generator and the battery so it should never be fully submerged with water.  To clean this, leave the bottle portion attached to the base and fill it up with water. Add a cap-full of the citric acid cleaning solution to the water and shake well.  Leave for 30 minutes. Shake again quickly before pouring the solution out. Rinse once more before using again to generate hydrogen into water. Frequency: Every week